Ashmi Sheth

Artist – 3D Animator – Art Therapy Enthusiast

I am a 3D Generalist (3D Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, and Animation artist), a fine artist, and an art therapy student based in Mumbai, India. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from St. Andrew’s College, Bandra, Mumbai. I am immensely passionate about art and Art Therapy and wish to establish art therapy professionally, as a form of psychotherapy in India. Well, it’s my dream. I am currently self-studying art therapy since a year and wish to take up a formal course after my graduation.  I am extremely inquisitive about Art Therapy and greedy for knowledge. Any help that allows me to gain more knowledge about Art Therapy in any way is wholeheartedly welcome!

I also follow a new realm of study – “Neuroaesthetics (Psychology of Art).” Neuroaesthetics is a new interdisciplinary field of study in which researchers attempt to understand how the brain responds to art (perception, production, and response to art). I have been researching and studying about Neuroaesthetics since quite some time now, and would love to share the knowledge with anyone who is interested to know more about areas of the brain linked to the processing of visual aesthetics; laws of the visual brain; possible links between creativity and mental illness; effect of art on the brain, neurotransmitters and brain structures, etc.

I aim to bring about a change in majority of  Indian people’s  perspective on art and art related professions. As Albert Einstein rightly said,

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

This is indeed true, but few people are aware and accepting of it.Being an artist is not just holding brushes and dabbing or blobbing paint. Being an artist is a lot more; it’s about developing a whole personality, developing a unique vision to see the world around you. A vision that is idiosyncratic, and sometimes, even beyond reality. I don’t wish to sound boastful, but this does indeed, require a remarkable degree of wit. If you agree to my idea, please help me spread this message and make people aware of what ‘art’ and ‘artists’ truly are – don’t you think they deserve a lot more respect and admiration?

Coming to 3D animation, I completed my Diploma in 3D Animation and Film Making from MAAC (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics) in 2015.Being one of the lead artists who worked on the animated short, “O No,” that won the title of Best 3D Animated Short Film – Bronze in the MAAC 24fps International Awards, 2014, and former Lead Artist at a gaming company, GameEon Infotech Pvt. Ltd. for a year, I had some dreams as an animator. Destiny seems to have some different plans!

However, I take up freelance projects for wedding/birthday invitations – in 2D and 3D video formats as well as in image formats (and packages including both formats for different purposes; e.g. Save the date (image), Invitation(video), Reminders(image) and more). I also take up any project that helps me enhance my graphic designing skills – brochures, logos, posters, pamphlets – any other artwork related to marketing, advertising, or other personal requirements.

If you have any opportunities for me, or if I can help you in anything anyway, please do contact! My email-id is mentioned below or you can mail me directly through the ‘Contact me’ tab on this website.